Pledg instant split payment solution can be integrated 2 ways (API and JS Plugin eCard). Check below a quick overview for each of them and links to the related technical documentation:


– Pledg API

Enables you to integrate Pledg split payment as a REST API.
This solution generates a URL that leads the user to Pledg payment journey.
Virtual wallets are being used to allow the advance by Pledg for the total transaction.
The API enables total control over the workflow and ensures a smooth integration to your back office.
Documentation here:


– Pledg JS Plugin (Pledg eCard)

This solution uses Pledg JS Plugin (it is not an API).
The JS Plugin issues a virtual card for the total amount of the transaction, which will be used to pay the transaction upfront to the merchant’s PSP.
The payment journey is either a popin or is integrated inline on your page.
The integration of the eCard is as quick as can be and is a frontend plugin on your checkout page.
Documentation here: