Quick and easy!

1. I pay with Pledg on a merchant’s website
I fill in my friends’ email adresses and my credit card info

2. The purchase is done
My friends have 48 hours to pay their share

3. Each friend pays his share
I pay mine once everyone has paid their share

Say bye to reimbursements issues

They trust us

Buy for you and your friends, and only pay your share

Book a trip

Buy concert tickets

Rent a house for the holidays

Pledg pays on behalf of the group for 48 hours

After this time, if one of your friends forgets to pay,
you will be charged for their share. But…

of the group members pay their share in 24 hours or less!

Pledg will also take care of reminding your friends to pay

They have used Pledg

Say bye to reimbursements issues